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UL’s solutions for consumer products and retail

Manufacturers, retailers, and brands that need to manage complexity look to partner with UL, the most trusted name in product safety and science for over 125 years. Our solutions for the consumer and retail industry provide tools and information to help you navigate the global marketplace. We understand your needs continue to evolve as business changes.

We work with you to support your targeted brands in developing and producing innovative, safe products through consumer product testing. Our proactive approach to risk reduction aims to help eliminate issues in sourcing, safety, and quality assurance before they impact your business and brand.

Success in the global marketplace requires a clear understanding of regulatory requirements in all your target local markets. UL helps you keep pace with ever-changing compliance requirements through in-depth training, advisory, subject matter experts and a dedicated team of global regulatory researchers.

UL has expertise in the areas of social responsibility, environmental, brand protection, supply chain security, extractives, and raw material sourcing with program development, risk assessment, education and advisory, audit, and data management solutions aimed at enhancing sustainability

We strive to remain at the forefront of digital innovations with solutions designed to provide you with business intelligence and transparency into your global supply chains.

Our business is knowing how to reduce the complications and risks of the global marketplace. Together, we can help you deliver safer, more sustainable products that consumers can trust.

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