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Food Contact Materials Testing

UL supports manufacturers in their drive to protect public health and to comply with rigorous industry regulations and standards in an effort to bring safe and high-quality food contact materials to market.

With UL’s safety science expertise, independent objectivity, and data-driven approach, we can help guide your decision-making process and assist you in navigating the necessary compliance regulations for exporting food contact materials to your target markets.

At UL, we offer testing for a wide variety of food contact materials:

  • Preparation surfaces – cutting boards, tables, stations
  • Containers – cups, mugs, boxes
  • Cookware and kitchenware
  • Utensils – spoons, forks, knives
  • Packaging – bags, laminates, films, foils
  • Contact appliances – toasters, roasters, kettles, coffee machines

And more!

A woman standing in a kitchen holding a sandwich places it into a container next to an apple and strawberries.

By providing a comprehensive range of physical and chemical testing for your food contact materials, UL helps you through the compliance process and enables you to launch your product on time. 

Chemical analyze services including:

  • Overall migration by various simulants
  • Specific migration of various monomers (e.g., vinyl chloride monomer, formaldehyde, melamine)
  • Specific migration of heavy metals
  • Specific migration of primary aromatic amines (PAA)
  • Sensorial testing

Physical testing services including:

  • Dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe
  • Fatigue, corrosion and heat resistance
  • Thermal hazards
  • Paints and varnishes cross-cut

UL supports brands and retailers in creating customizing inspections, audits and training programs that address numerous needs during all stages of the supply chain, from developing a product to efficiently getting it onto shelves in your target markets.

UL Verification Mark

Customers around the globe demand more transparency from the brands they choose. With scientific rigor, UL evaluates the validity of specific advertising or promotional statements, providing a way to separate fact from fiction.

The UL Verification Mark will help set your product apart in the marketplace and increase credibility to your product claims.

To learn more about how UL evaluates the validity read the value of UL Marketing Claim Verifications and watch our informative video.

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