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In today’s promotional products, premium gifts, and licensed goods industry, it can be challenging for retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers to meet changing compliance and safety regulations. UL can help safeguard your company’s reputation and products through our comprehensive promotional products, premium gifts, and licensed goods safety testing.

We have the global capacity and expertise to deliver a total risk management solution to the premiums and promotional products industry. We can help you protect your brand, and bring products to market quickly, without jeopardizing quality or compliance.

UL’s quality assurance services and safety testing helps manufacturers, suppliers and distributors to meet consumer expectations, business specifications, and regulatory demands.

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Our services touch every part of the product development lifecycle, from helping to ensure that products adhere to brand quality, safety, and performance stipulations to meeting delivery schedules. UL works with you to create a customized approach to ensure you deliver safe products on time.

We evaluate designs, conduct risk assessments, test raw materials, finished goods, perform factory capability and capacity audits, and provide supplier training and education to help reduce your supply chain risk. UL’s comprehensive premiums testing services encompass a wide variety of promotional and branded items, including:

  •  Toys and juvenile products
  • Apparel and accessories
  • Food Contact articles and general merchandise
  • Portable battery packs
  • Stationary and writing instruments

Services, testing, and analysis

UL’s quality assurance services and safety testing helps manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors to meet consumer expectations, business specifications, and regulatory demands. We also provide supply chain management services, supplier training, and education programs. Learn more.

Global market access

Understanding how compliance requirements impact your products on a global scale is a significant challenge. We help you keep pace with evolving regulations and meet the requirements in each of your target markets. Learn more about how we can help you expand your business.

Chemical management

Sustainability and circular economy initiatives are critical components of your business strategy. We can help you address increasing concerns related to the adverse efforts of chemicals on the environment and human health. Learn more about how our technical experts can assist you in defining a strategy to reach your goals.


We support major brands and retailers in customizing a global inspection program parameters to your unique business requirements, applying best practices, and new ideas. Learn more about how we can help you create a customer inspection program today to meet your needs.


Our audits help ensure your compliance across the global market and stay compliant with regulatory requirements. Our technical experts help verify the quality of your products at all stages of the product’s life cycle by conducting on-site audits at manufacturing facilities to check if the supplier adheres to the client’s code of conduct and policy standards. Learn more.

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UL Verification Mark for premiums, promotional and licensed goods industry

Manufacturers today are innovating at a rapid pace and bringing to the market premiums, promotional and licensed goods that represent their brands. Consumers are increasingly looking for premiums, promotional, and licensed goods that stand out from the pack in terms of quality. The UL Verification Mark helps give your customers the assurance and trust they seek in your products. Inside our U.S. laboratory, we apply scientific methodologies to verify the truth behind your products claim, as well as employ comprehensive quality test processes to identify the presence of harmful chemicals. Communicate truth and transparency on your product labels through our Marketing Claim Verification program to give your customers greater peace of mind.

Learn more about UL Verification Mark or contact us for more information.