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Textiles, Apparel and Footwear Testing

Meet global regulations and consumer expectations for quality, fit, and durability.

Consumers of today demand quality in the highly competitive retail market where substitutable options are endless. While the pressure to deliver products with very short Time to Market (TTM) continues to grow, product quality can become compromised when critical steps in the development process are skipped.

Moreover, despite spending a considerable amount of time and investment in quality assurance (QA), product returns and consumer complaints are increasingly on the rise without an in-depth understanding of the root cause.

UL has comprehensive knowledge of the standards and risks associated with sourcing, construction, and performance of footwear, textiles, and apparel. We help our clients improve the strength of their global supply chains, optimize product performance, and protect brand reputation.

We help our clients improve the strength of their global supply chains, optimize product performance, and protect brand reputation.

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UL Verification Mark for apparel, footwear and textile industry

Manufacturers today are innovating at a rapid pace and bringing to the market smart, synthetic textiles and fabrics with enhanced characteristics. Consumers are increasingly looking for apparel products that stand out from the pack in terms of quality. The UL Verification Mark helps give your customers the assurance and trust they seek in your products. We apply scientific methodologies to verify the truth behind your apparel, footwear or textile products claim, as well as employ comprehensive quality test processes to identify the presence of harmful chemicals. Communicate truth and transparency on your product labels through our marketing claim Verification program to give your customers greater peace of mind.

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What sets UL apart?

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Our state-of-the-art laboratories around the world will help determine whether the products our clients manufacture, sell and distribute comply with global regulations while meeting consumer expectations for quality, fit, and durability.  We have significant experience in helping luxury brands maintain stringent quality controls across the entire supply chain.

We help ensure your products meet quality, safety, and social standards from factory to shelf.  UL’s textile and apparel testing offers quality and safety assurance services for textiles and apparel.

Our services in the textiles and clothing sector include:

  • Audits and certification
  • Eco-design
  • Inspection
  • Testing
  • Training

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