J.Crew – Supplier RSL Training Webinar — English| J.Crew –供应商RSL培训网络研讨会 英语

J.Crew Group INC. Supplier Training Webinar on Restricted Substances (RS) Compliance | J.Crew集团供应商产品受限物质符合性网络培训

RSL Training for J.Crew Suppliers

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 | 2020年5月27日 星期三 — 4:00PM HKT

You are cordially invited to attend J.Crew’s Group INC. Supplier Restricted Substances Compliance Training Webinar. In this training course, UL’s industry experts will guide you through the J. Crew Restricted Substance Compliance policy, its requirements and how J.Crew fulfills its due diligence to oversee the compliance within its entire supplier chain. Some recent case studies and some tips or strategies on RS compliance management will also be shared to enhance your comprehension of J.Crew RS compliance requirements and benefit your RS management as well. 我们诚邀您参加J.Crew 集团供应商受限物质符合性网络培训研讨会。在此次培训课程中,UL的行业专家将为您详细讲解J. Crew集团现行受限物质符合性政策和要求,以及集团公司如何尽其责监控其供应链整体符合性。课程中相关案例以及受限物质管理中的策略和提示分享将进一步有助于强化对受限物质符合性政策和要求的理解和提升符合性管理方式和方法。 Note: All J. Crew Group Inc. branded products, including all brands (J.Crew, Madewll, Crewcuts) are subjected to the same RS compliance policy, requirements and audit program. 注: 所有J.Crew集团旗下品牌包括J.Crew, Madewell Crewcuts均受制于相同的受限物质符合性政策、要求和抽查程序。

27 May , 2020 (Wednesday) | 2020年5月27日(星期三) 4 — 5 p.m. |下午 4:00–5:00 English 英语场

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