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Today, Food Safety Audit Systems are more complex than just checking a box. Robust Food Safety Audit Programs are essential for the protection of retail chains and the continual development of effective, efficient and critical food safety practices. Technology continues to provide new and different approaches to the collection and analysis of audit results. However, the best designed audit program and supporting technology is only as good as the auditors challenged with the consistent collection and interpretation of such data points.

In this webinar, Mike Haller, Technical Manager of the Food Safety Team for UL Everclean discusses:

  • How onboarding and training is only part of an effective auditor calibration program.
  • How modernized Food Safety Audit Programs can be complimented with advanced calibration techniques focusing on the use of behavioral monitoring and statistical analysis.
  • How a comparative and collaborative approach to auditor consistency allows for a retail chain to focus on accountable food safety within the operation rather than defending audit results.

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