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Friday, March 3, 2017

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As the Responsible Jewellery Council’s (RJC) first approved auditing firm, UL is pleased to share our most recent collaboration with the RJC, the completion of the first RJC and Fairmined harmonized audit.  Leading the industry to increase efficiencies and reduce audit fatigue and costs, this is yet another project that UL has pioneered with the RJC.  UL contributed to the development of the RJC standards and have been conducting RJC Code of Practices audits since 2010.  UL was the first firm to conduct the RJC Code of Practice audit, the first to conduct an RJC Chain of Custody audit and the first firm to verify the RJC Provenance (Sourcing) Claims

Click on the link below for the full case study and please contact jewelry@​ul.​com to learn more

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