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Sustainability is becoming a fundamental part of business strategy for many industries marketing different product categories, and the interest in circular economy is growing day by day. The circular economy’s goal is to keep materials in use for as long as possible, minimize waste, the need for additional resources, regenerate articles and materials when they end their service life and use materials that minimize hazardous content. This requires innovative approaches.

Taking a step back, an important strategy for circular economy initiatives is understanding the chemicals which compose the finished product. Starting from the article initial concept, a chemicals safety assessment can help minimize hazardous substances use and encourage recycling of the articles: this means the item is advanced for recycling.

It is also important to consider that recycling should happen after you complete the detox phases of your products and materials. This will help avoid the continued use of toxic substances in renewed recycled products.

The reduction of the use of materials containing dangerous substances is fundamental and your chemical management system can help you to substitute the use of hazardous substances with greener alternatives.

Last but not least, considering that a specific recycled material can be used in a new article which is different from the original one, it would be beneficial to have a chemical management system implemented in all industries.


What is a chemical management system?

A chemical management system is a systematic approach to procuring, storing, using and disposing of chemicals within a facility. One of the key elements of a chemical management system is the existence of chemical inventory in the factory. A technical review of the chemical inventory can verify:

  • The substitution of polluting chemicals
  • Improvements in your detox and circularity commitments
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Reactions to new chemical legislations/evidence
  • Conformity to your RSL and MRSL
  • The definition of targeted testing programmes
  • Safety in the workplace

UL experts can support companies with the implementation of a chemical management system and educate brands and partners across their supply chain on chemical management.
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