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It’s challenging to remain compliant with the changing legislative landscape of food contact materials, or to know how to access the world markets. A good understanding of chemical safety in food contact materials can help you overcome these challenges and assist you in gaining world market access.

We are always working on providing you with the information you need to bring safe and quality products into the world markets. After our webinar, Asia: Chemical safety highlights for food contact materials discussing chemical safety highlights for food contact materials for the Asia market, we sat down with our experts to answer your questions. Read the interview below.

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Q: If the polymeric resin used for food contact materials is not on the approval list, what can I do? 
If the polymeric resin used for food contact is not on the approval list, it is not allowed to be used as a food contact plastic material. If any manufacturer wants to use this unapproved resin in the future, they can apply for registration of new food contact resin. The application should be submitted to NHFPC. This application should be accompanied with certain supporting documents like usage conditions, migration test studies, risk assessment, etc.

Q: If a product meets the requirements of food contact materials in the EU, does it also meet the requirements in China?
Though the requirements in China are very similar to those in the EU now, they are not 100% identical. Some of the test parameters in China may not be mandatory. So, compliance in the EU does NOT mean it is compliant in China.

Q: Is a certification required for food contact materials in China?
For selling food contact materials, no certification, or precisely speaking, no 3rd party certification is required. On the other hand, the self-declaration of conformity is a MUST.


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