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There are some fundamental recommendations that global textile and leather companies can implement to address sustainability in the supply chain:

  • Plan a long-term sustainable strategy.
  • Develop a proactive stance and demonstrate willingness to invest in the future by implementing sustainable supply chain practices.
  • Communicate goals throughout all levels of the supply chain and leave no one behind.
  • Bring key suppliers on board and create sample strategy. This step will help you in the scheduling and budgeting process.


Step 3: Chemical management 

A chemical management system is a systematic approach to procurement, storage, usage and recycling of chemicals within a system or plant. UL can support you in many aspects of chemical management, from the development of a list of manufacturing restricted substances, chemicals inventory and on to implementing a suitable test program that takes the entire supply chain into consideration.

In addition, we can provide other chemical management services, including:

  • Developing test programs for raw materials and finished goods within the entire supply chain
  • Standardizing the raw material and chemical approval process
  • Creating supplier selection criteria
  • Chemical auditing of production sites


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