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Once you have implemented your chemical management programs and performed your wastewater analysis, the evaluation phase of the final results of your test report is important in order to assess the specific actions that you should take in order to achieve your Zero Discharge goal.

Results presented in a wastewater test report are a fundamental tool in order to understand the implementation status of your chemical management program as well as to plan Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions (CAPA).
CAPA is critical to eliminate the use of substances that could potentially contain chemical compounds listed in the MRSL. It is also essential to avoid the introduction/reintroduction of hazardous chemicals into manufacturing processes in the future.

How UL can help you?

UL performs analysis on your wastewater and can help support your chemical management activities.
ZDHC has granted a provisional acceptance for wastewater and sludge analysis in connection with the ZDHC Gateway – Wastewater Module to the following list of UL laboratories:

ITALY – Contact us
TUNISIA – Contact us
TURKEY –Contact us
SHANGHAI – Contact us
BANGLADESH – Contact us
INDIA– Contact us
HONG KONG – Contact us
KOREA – Contact us

All these laboratories are able to perform testing for ZDHC and to upload results on the Gateway.

UL’s facility in Tunisia is currently the only laboratory in Tunisia provisionally accepted by ZDHC.

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