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Do you know that you can easily achieve your detox goals by developing a robust purchasing policy?
A correct chemical purchasing policy allows you to screen the required details and information on chemicals prior to the purchase phase and the subsequent use.

Poor communication is often one of the most frequent reasons for failure in the development of an adequate and correct chemical management program. Firstly, it’s important that employees and suppliers are familiar with and know the MRSL , so that they are always updated with the latest versions. It is also necessary to conduct a regular check and examination of the documents received from your supplier to determine if they are completed, updated and reliable.

How UL can help you with your chemical purchasing policy?

UL chemical management experts can help you to understand which are the key points to be covered by your chemical purchasing policy and to identify the best procedures to be implemented in your company.

UL’s ZDHC training sessions:

During ZDHC trainings you can learn more about how to implement a robust and correct chemical purchasing policy.
Consult our ZDHC training calendar or contact us to learn more.

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