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What do you have to know about entering these unique markets? 

The South American toy industry is constantly changing and growing.
In February 2019 we have interviewed Fernanda Cripa, Engineering Associate with UL, for her insights about the new challenges associated with Brazilian and Colombian market access for toys.


Question: In Brazil, the toy industry is facing an important transitional phase in the toy certification process due to the safety requirements of the Portaria N. 321 (resolution published in 2009) which is shifting the regulatory landscape. What are the main changes that the toy industry has to consider in order to ensure their products remain safe and in compliance?

Fernanda: It is vital for the toy industry to start the transition process as soon as possible. One of the main changes is an additional step called the “Register of the Object”. This is a mandatory requirement that has to be performed in order to receive a serial number that is required to be included in the labeling of a product prior to commercialization. Additionally, there are some new testing requirements that also need attention.


Question: Once a company has obtained the product certification, what are the additional steps that a toy manufacturer, importer or distributor, need to complete?

Fernanda: After receiving the Certificate issued by UL’s Brazil office, the customer needs to start the process of registering on INMETRO’s website called “Orchestra”. After registering on Orchestra, a company starts the “Register of the Object” procedure in order to get the serial number that will be needed for the labeling.


Question: Another Country of interest for the toy industry in Latin America is Colombia. What are the main differences between the Brazilian and the Colombian regulations for toys?

Fernanda: The main difference would be the testing requirements. The Brazilian regulations are based on the NM300 standard that is valid in all the Mercosur countries. However, the Colombian regulations are based primarily on the EN71 standards but also there are equivalent standards that can be used like ASTM F963 or ISO 8124 standards.


To learn more about entering the Brazilian and Colombian toy markets, watch our on-demand WEBINAR or contact us for receiving more information about how UL can support your business in these countries.


Fernanda has worked with toy certifications since 2004 for many Certification Bodies accredited by INMETRO. She holds a Degree in Public Relations and a Post Graduate in Business Administration. For UL Brazil, she is responsible for the INMETRO Certification of toys program in the Consumer and Retail Services division.


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