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Is your establishment ready for reopening? Watch UL’s free on-demand webinar to learn what steps you should consider before reopening your restaurant, hotel or retail store.

When restaurants, hotels and retail stores endure lengthy closures, many local health departments may require facilities to be reinspected before opening their doors to the public. Learn from UL’s Everclean® food safety and sanitation experts on how implementing a Pre-Reopening Audit™ (PRA) can help you prepare for reopening day.

Meet our presenters, Mike Haller, Todd Frantz and Michael Shafer.

What is UL’s Pre-Reopening Audit™ (PRA)?

UL’s Pre-Reopening Audit™ (PRA) is designed for facilities that may have had to cease operations due to pandemics, fires, flooding or other crisis-related events. During a period of inactivity after a crisis, conditions in a restaurant, hotel, retail store or other food service establishments may have changed, affecting the facility’s ability to operate in a clean and sanitary manner. Local health departments may require a facility that has been closed due to a crisis to be re-inspected prior to reopening. The focus of these re-inspections are imminent health hazards* that may delay or prevent a reopening of a facility.

A PRA evaluates a facility’s cleanliness and sanitation procedures, and identifies potential issues, to help businesses with timely reopening.

To learn more about UL’s Everclean® solutions for food safety and sanitation audits or Emergency Response Assessment™ (ERA)contact us today.

*Imminent Health Hazards as defined in the Model Food Code and in Local Health Codes.

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