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The textile, apparel and footwear landscape can be confusing. With evolving marketing claims and regulations, new products entering the market and changing supply chain needs, staying up-to-date can be challenging. UL is here to help. Watch our free virtual summit where our subject matter experts discussed both the market challenges and solutions for the softlines industry in South Asia.

During this virtual event recording, you will learn how UL’s Upstream Solutions help to mitigate potential quality assurance (QA) issues before a product ends up in the hands of a consumer. Additionally, we examined different textile marketing claims that are in the market today and the special testing techniques that are involved, including claims like antibacterial, odor control, anti-mold, windproof, water repellency, water resistance and breathability, quick dry, ultraviolet and more.

Virtual event details:

  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Presenters: Seemanta Mitra, Ritesh Niyogi and Golam Sarwar
  • Language: English

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