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UL, AAFA, and ZDHC came together to discuss sustainable business practices in a joint webinar.

Apparel and footwear companies are under immense pressure to minimize their effects on the environment and to improve the sustainability of their supply chain. Organizations and consumers are demanding increased transparency about where and how products are manufactured, and what ingredients they contain.

Industry programs and organizational stewardship provide companies with guidelines and support the implementation of sustainable chemical management practices. AAFA’s Restricted Substances List provides companies with information related to international regulations and laws that restrict/ban certain chemicals and substances, and the ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) program is a global cooperation of more than 50 companies that are jointly looking for safe, sustainable chemical management solutions with the goal of complete removal of dangerous chemicals from the textile supply chain. This webinar will discuss the ZDHC program, AAFA’s Restricted Substances List, steps to detox a supply chain, and how to minimize harmful effects to the environment.

Watch this on-demand webinar learn:

  • The Negative Effects of Poor Chemical Management Practices
  • The ZDHC Road-map: A Comprehensive Approach to Sustainability
  • The Steps to Detox a Supply Chain

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