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Yao Xiaoman

China Feather and Down Industrial Association

Yao XiaoMan is the member of International Down and Feather Bureau (IDFB) chairman team and Chairman of China Feather and Down Industrial Association. She joined in National Light Industry Ministry (Now named China National Light Industry Council) in 1982 and established China Feather and Down Industrial Association in 1994.

She has been working in management position in feather and down industry for more than 20 years and makes great contributions on serving members enthusiastically, safeguarding the interests of industry, standardizing the market competition and the revision of the standard. She also has done a lot of work on increasing the international awareness, which not only won widespread trust and praise in Chinese feather and down industry, but also has a high prestige and influence in the international feather and down industry.


Song Bao Guo

Director of Zhejiang Academy of Science & Technology for Inspection and Quarantine

Song Baoguo currently serves as Director of Zhejiang Academy of Science & Technology for Inspection & Quarantine; he is responsible for laboratory operation management of feather and down products testing, textile products testing, micro-biology testing, researching and training.  In his past experience, he served as Laboratory Director in Zhejiang Entry-exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau, responsible for feather and down laboratory management, research and training.

Mr. Song Baoguo also served as Senior China Representative of International Feather and Feather Board (IDFB) Technical Committee, Head of Science and Technology Innovation Team of Zhejiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Head of Animal Quarantine Discipline and Vice Chairman of China Down Industry Association Technical Committee.


Darryl YunDarryl Yun

General Manager — North China, UL Consumer and Retail Services

After graduating in 1996 with master degree, Mr. Darryl Yun has been involved in the field of testing, inspection and certification business. He started to work in Shanghai Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute and Shanghai Technical Supervision Bureau. Afterwards, he worked in various international testing and certification groups since the beginning of 2001 and joined UL in 2015.

He is familiar with laws, regulations, directives of different countries and regions and has rich experience in testing and product certification, technical and product risk assessment support.

Mr. Darryl Yun is a well-known expert in environmental and material analysis in China. He has authored and published numerous papers in professional journals and also participated in the formulation of national standards, industry standards and local standards.

He is very familiar with the management of laboratories and certification bodies and has extensive experience in quality audits, laboratory accreditation and accreditation of accreditation bodies.


Dr. Kan Chi Wai

Associate Professor, Institute of Textiles and Clothing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dr. Kan’s main duties in the Institute are in the area of teaching subjects related to coloration and finishing. His research interests are also in the area of coloration and finishing as well as textile material evaluation.  Dr. Kan is appointed as Honorary Professor in the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong.

Dr. Kan graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a BSc and PhD degree in Textile Chemistry.  He worked in private and public sectors in the area of textile evaluation and safety and health management for more than five years before joining the Institute.

Dr. Kan holds the professional qualification of Chartered Colourist, Chartered Textile Technologist and Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner; also Fellowship of the Society of Dyers and Colourists and Textile Institute, U.K. In addition, Dr. Kan is a member of Royal Society of Chemistry, Institution of Occupational Safety and Health and Hong Kong Institution of Textile and Apparel.  He is now serving as Honorary Secretary of the Society of Dyers and Colourists (Hong Kong Region) and Hong Kong Institution of Textile and Apparel.


Jason Ding

President of Dezhou Shangyu Feather Products Co., Ltd

Mr. Ding currently serves as a committee member of China Feather and Down Industrial Association and the President of New Hope Liuhe’s down company Dezhou Shangyu Feather Products Co., Ltd. Mr. Ding joined New Hope Liuhe in 1996, and gradually grew into a pillar of strength for the business’s development from a primary level worker at first. Thanks to New Hope Liuhe’s resource advantages and experience of breeding white ducks for many years, he founded Dezhou Shangyu Feather Products Co., Ltd, in 2005 upon the vision of “making excellent feathers and down and becoming an outstanding one in the industry”. After establishment, the company began to strengthen itself through innovation and quality control and now becomes an industry-leading feather production and processing business with many years of arduous efforts.

Quality is an eternal theme for the development of a business. Mr. Ding consistently attaches great importance to product quality, and goes to the frontline including breeding factories, slaughterhouses, feeding factories in person to look for all kinds of elements for controlling feather quality. For many years, Shangyu Feather has made significant contributions to social and economic development and solution for unemployment problems, receiving compliments from leaders at each level.


Ben Zuo

General Manager
De Zhou Shang Yu down and feather Co. Ltd.

Mr. Zuo Peng is the General Manager of Dezhou Shangyu down and feather products Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of the world’s largest white duck breeding company with annual breeding of 700 million white ducks, accounting for nearly 24% of the world. The company owns the whole industry chain: “breeding — animal feed — slaughtering house — food chain — down supply”. Some of their key clients include Uniqlo, Zara, and H&M etc.

Mr. Zuo previously worked for Huatai United Securities, the largest investment bank in China. His background in the financial industry and experience of several major IPO and M&A deals creates a good foundation for the operation of the down industry.

Ben Zuo graduated from University of Denver, with a Master degree in Finance.


Chen Wen Jian

Executive Director of Chinese Feather and Down Industrial Association

Chen Wenjian is the Executive Director of Chinese Feather and Down Industrial Association, Chairman of Wuchuan Feather and Down Association, General Manager of Zhanjiang Ziking Eiderdown Production Co. Ltd.

In his previous experience, he was also one of the main drafters of the GB/T 17685–2016 «Down and Feather»Standard, and worked in Zhanjiang Ziking Eiderdown Production Co. Ltd​.as Sales Manager and representative of Quality System Management.

Mr. Chen is the representative of Zhanjiang Municipal People’s Congress, President of the Feather and Down Association in Wuchuan, Vice President of the General Chamber of Commerce in Wuchuan.


Raymond Jiang

Secretary General
China Feather and Down Industrial Association

Raymond Jiang is the Secretary General of China Feather and Down Industrial Association, member of Public Relations Committee of International Down and Feather Bureau. He is responsible for communication and public relations and takes lead on promoting the feather industry facts to brands and public and provides correct guidance on feather and down consumption.


Xu Jie

Deputy Secretary General — China Feather and Down Industrial Association

Xu Jie is the Deputy Secretary General of China Feather and Down Industrial Association and the Secretary General of Standardization Technical Committee of China Down Industry Association. She is mainly responsible for standards revision, testing technical consultation, quality assurance and e‑commerce services.


Li Chun Ling

Textile, Feather and Down Technical Consultant, UL Consumer and Retail Services

Li Chun Ling is responsible for customer case study for textile industry, providing professional advisory to clients, development of new testing programs, trainings and seminars. In 2016, she helped UL Consumer and Retail Services Hong Kong Laboratory to get the China Feather and Down Industrial Association (CFDIA) Membership, and was correlation in charge of Cashmere Correlation Test of Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute (CCMI).

Before joining UL, Li Chun Ling worked in various third party certification bodies, where she was in charge of client services and responsible for development of Feather & Down services.

Li Chun Ling is a member of many associations and committees like CText ATI, LSDC, and AATCC R24 Voting Committees etc.


Wallace Luk

Regional Technical Consultant, UL Consumer & Retail Services, Asia

Wallace has an extensive experience of 18 years in testing, inspection and certification industry and detailed knowledge of chemical laboratory. His is a technical expert for a wide variety of consumer products including Softline, Toys and Premiums.

He is also a trainer for technical seminars on various regulatory requirements, such as US CPSIA, CP65, EU REACH, EU New Toys Safety Directive (NTSD), EU RoHS and Food Contact Materials (FCM), etc. He also supports UL internal staff for development and trainings.

Wallace graduated with Bachelor Degree in Chemistry from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and holds masters in Analytical Chemistry from Hong Kong Baptism University.