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From new harmonized standards to specific regulation updates, UL wants to keep you up to date on all changes that are taking place within the toy industry to help your products remain in compliance in the upcoming years.

Several regulatory changes will affect the toy industry in 2020. We have organized a comprehensive series of webinars for you about these regulatory updates to help share this knowledge with you and your supply chain. Attend our webinars to be prepared to continue to create safe toys for children around the globe.

Register to our UPCOMING WEBINAR:

  • Overview of global toy recalls — September 24, 2020 | 10.30 a.m. ET (New York City) / 4.30 p.m. CEST (Rome) — Register NOW


  • Upcoming toy safety trends and requirements in EU — Watch HERE
  • New CPSC age determination guidelines for toys and children’s products Watch HERE
  • Improving sustainability in the toy industry — Watch HERE

UL experts remain at your disposal to clarify any doubts you may have about toys safety.

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