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The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of the Andean Community has drafted Technical Regulation on Footwear Labeling, Leather Goods, Travel and Similar Items.

This proposed Andean Technical Regulation establishes the minimum information that must be included in the label of footwear, leather goods, travel goods and the like manufactured and/or imported products that are marketed within the Andean sub region.

The declaration of the list of labeling requirements and conditions of use for footwear, products of clothing, travel articles and similar items distributed or manufactured within the Andean community is laid out in Chapter II of this Technical Regulation. Procedure of assessing conformity is discussed in Chapter III of this Technical Regulation.

Footwear, leather goods, travel and similar articles that are presented in detail in Annex 1 of this Technical Regulation.

The draft is open for public consultation until December 2, 2018.