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The Ministry of Industry and Productivity of the Andean Community is seeking public consultation on the Draft Technical Regulation on the Labelling of Cosmetic Products.

This Regulation proposes labelling requirements for cosmetic products to prevent practices that may mislead users. This Regulation outlines the following labelling requirements:

  • List of information requirements on the container or packaging of a cosmetic product that should appear in print or label are summarized in Chapter II Sec. 4.
  • List of information requirements on the container or packages of a cosmetic product that are sold individually are summarized in Chapter II Sec. 6.
  • For purposes of recognizing the NSO established in Community rules, the NSO code must be entered on the
  • label of cosmetic products for marketing in other countries that require it.
  • The explanatory phrases contained in the containers or packages should be Castilian language. For products imported from third countries, must bear the Castilian language translation of at least the instructions for use and special precautions, if any.
  • The product manufacturer must retain such studies should always be available to the national authorities responsible for monitoring and surveillance purposes.
  • Conformity assessment is summarized in Chapter III.
  • Control, surveillance and penalties are summarizing on Chapter IV.
  • Supplementary and transitional provisions are summarized on Chapter V.

The consultation will end on May 17, 2018.