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On September 4, 2018, ASTM International has published ASTM F1148 — 18 Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Home Playground Equipment.

This standard provides safety requirements for various types of home playground equipment. This standard practice includes the following requirements:

  • Terminology
  • Materials and Manufacture
  • General Requirements
  • Performance Requirements
  • Requirements for Access
  • Equipment
  • Equipment Layout
  • Installation
  • Labeling and Signage
  • Structural Integrity
  • Maintenance Instructions
  • Information

Home playground equipment is any product in which the support structure remains stationary while the activity is taking place and is intended for a child (aged from over 18 months through 10 years) to perform any of the following activities: climbing, swinging, sliding, rocking, spinning, crawling, or creeping, or combination thereof.