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ASTM International published ASTM F1821 — 18 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toddler Beds to minimize incidents to children resulting from normal use and reasonably foreseeable misuse of toddler beds. It does not address incidents resulting from alteration or unreasonable misuse.

ASTM F1821 — 18 specifies the requirements for the design and performance of toddler beds. It also contains requirements for labeling and instructional materials.

Materials used in the production of toddler beds must conform to the requirements for small parts, paint and surface coatings, scissoring, shearing, and pinching, protective components, openings, labeling, corner post extensions, mattress retention, mattress support system, mattress support system attachment to end structures, guardrails, end structures, partially bounded openings, and permanency of labels and warnings.

A toddler bed is a bed that is sized to accept a full-size crib mattress and is intended for use by a child not less than 15 months of age and who weighs no more than 50 lb (27.7 kg).

Source URL: ASTM F1821 — 18