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On November 7, Australia’s Department of Health has enforced Therapeutic Goods (Standard for Menstrual Cups) Order 2018 (Therapeutic Goods Order 99).

This Order specifies safety and quality requirements in relation to raw materials, design, packaging and labelling of menstrual cups under the provision of Therapeutic Goods order 2018. The Order provides the following:

  • Section 6 specifies the permissible raw materials for menstrual cups.
  • The surface and shape of a menstrual cup must be smooth and designed to minimize the risk of trauma.
  • Sections 8 and 9 specifies the packaging and labelling requirements, respectively.
  • Section 10 prescribes the information that must be supplied with the menstrual cup, in a form that is legible and accessible to the consumer.

A guidance document was released for this Regulation on November 2, 2018.