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Joint Standards Australia / Standards New Zealand has announced the adoption of AS/NZS 62115:2018 Electric Toys – Safety.

This standard specifies safety requirements for electric toys that have at least one function dependent on electricity. This standard includes the following significant technical changes to the AS/NZS 62115:2011:

  • the general conditions for tests has been rewritten and modified;
  • the criteria for reduced testing has been modified;
  • warnings for toys using button batteries or coin batteries have been added;
  • warnings on ride-on toys have been added;
  • the requirements concerning accessibility of batteries have been updated;
  • added requirements to cover toys placed above a child;
  • added requirements to cover toys connected to other equipment;
  • modified the requirements for safety of toys incorporating optical radiation sources (Annex E), to include requirements for using the technical LED data sheet for checking compliance with the specified accessible emission limits (AEL);
  • updated the details for measurements of the optical radiation from the toy (Annex E);
  • introduced an informative Annex I concerning measurement methods for toys with an integrated field source generating EMF;
  • included a normative Annex J concerning safety of remote controls for electric ride-on toys.

AS/NZS 62115:2018 will supersede AS/NZS 62115:2011 on June 29, 2021.