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On October 12th, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill (AB 44) making California the first state to ban the sale and manufacture of new fur products.

The newly enacted law makes it illegal to manufacture, sell or distribute a fur product in the state. It applies to clothing, handbags, shoes, slippers, hats or key chains that contain fur — providing a civil penalty for violation.

Fur Product” is defined by the law as any article of clothing or covering for any part of the body, or any fashion accessory, including, but not limited to, handbags, shoes, slippers, hats, earmuffs, scarves, shawls, gloves, jewelry, keychains, toys or trinkets, and home accessories and decor, that is made in whole or in part of fur with a few exceptions, including the use of fur products for religious purposes and taxidermy.

The ban will come into force beginning January 1st, 2023.

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