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Health Canada has published amendments to the Toy Regulations (Magnetic Toys): SOR 2018-138 in the Canada Gazette.

The amendment adds a requirement for magnetic toys or magnetic components of toys. Any magnetic toy or component which is a small part must have a magnetic flux index less than 0.5 T2mm2.

The test method includes a soaking test for toys which are wooden, intended to be used in water, or intended to be brought in contact with the mouth, along with a magnetic cycling test and use and abuse test laid out in ASTM F963.

Other amendments were made such as: revisions to term definitions such as plush toy, soft toy and toy in section 1, warning on the container and instructions for use in, and section 37 is replaced by describing shaft-like handle used in pull or push along toys.

The new amendment will become effective starting on January 11, 2019.