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On November 10, 2018, Health Canada has launched a 60-day public consultation until January 9, 2018 on the Draft Screening Assessment of Nine (9) Substances in the Poly(amines) Group specified on the Domestic Substances List.

The Canadian government has provisionally concluded that these nine polyamine substances pose lower risk to cause harm to human health but need a further evaluation on their potential to cause ecological harm.

While the nine substances considered in the assessment are collectively referred to as the poly(amines) group, they were further sub-grouped for the risk assessment: two are sub-grouped as poly(DADMAC), three as poly(EDMA) and the remaining four as poly(ASPCA).

These substances contain functional groups that may be associated with adverse effects to fish, invertebrates and algae. However, the assessment suggests they are not expected to remain in water when used appropriately during wastewater treatment.

This draft screening assessment includes consideration of additional information on chemical properties, environmental fate, hazard, use and exposure, including additional information submitted by stakeholders.