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The Ministry of Health of Chile has released Bulletin No. 11.986–01 Bill Establishing the Obligation to Label on the Packaging the Origin and Type of Milk and Other Dairy Products.]

This Bill establishes the mandatory labeling in the packaging of milk and other dairy products to show the country of origin together with the type of milk or other dairy product that it is classified.

  • A label in the front and near the mark clearly indicating the type of milk as established in Article 105 bis together with the country of origin at which it was milked must be present in the liquid milk bottles or containers.
  • If the product is a mixture of different types of milk, the label must indicate the percentage of each types of milk and its corresponding countries of origin.
  • The containers or bottles of dairy products defined in Article 105 ter must indicate in its label “milk product” in addition with the type and origin of milk same as the previous instruction from the above bullet.
  • It is forbidden to classify milk as a product that is not of animal origin and does not comply with Article 105 bis.

The draft is open for public consultation until November 2, 2018.