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China’s National Medical Products Administration has announced the Implementation of the Administration of Importing Non-Special Purpose Cosmetics on November 9, 2018.

This announcement discusses the newly implemented reform on licenses separation requirements pertaining to imported non-special use cosmetics for the record management throughout the territory of the People’s Republic of China.

  • Imported cosmetics manufacturing enterprises must log in to the “Online Service” section of the State Drug Administration’s government website (www​.nmpa​.gov​.cn) before the product is imported.
  • Imported cosmetics product must pass the “Importing Non-Special Purpose Cosmetics Filing Management System” network.
  • Application for the import of non-special purpose cosmetics must refer to the announcement on the Issuance of the Administrative Procedures for the filling of Non-Special Purpose Cosmetics for Imports issued by the General Administration of Food and Drug Administration (2017) No. 10) related requirements.
  • The administrative license for importing non-special-purpose cosmetics has been obtained, and the paper-based certificate issued by the State Drug Administration may continue to be imported during the validity period of the license, and the documents need to be reissued or corrected during the period.

This was enforced on November 10, 2018.