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The National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) of China has approved twelve substances intended for food contact materials.

The announcement approves these 12 substances:

  1. Phenol,2,6‑dimethyl‑,homopolymer,fumarated
  2. 2‑Propenoic acid, 2‑methyl‑, polymer with butyl 2‑propenoate, 1,1′-(1,1‑dimethyl-3-methylene‑1, 3‑propanediyl)bis[benzene], ethenylbenzene,(1‑methylethenyl)benzene, methyl 2‑methyl-2-propenoate and 2‑propenoic acid, sodium salt, peroxydisulfuric acid([(HO)S(O)2]2O2) ammonium salt (1:2)-initiated
  3. Benzamide, 3,3′-[(2‑chloro‑1,4‑phenylene)bis[imino(1‑acetyl-2-oxo‑2, 1‑ethanediyl)azo]]bis[4‑methyl
  4. 9‑Octadecenoic acid (9Z)-,1,1′-[2,2‑bis[[(1‑oxooctadecyl)oxy]methyl]-1,3‑pro panediyl] ester
  5. Vinyltrimethoxysilane
  6. N,N,N′,N′-tetrakis (2‑hydroxypropyl) adipamide
  7. Trisodium N-(hydroxyethyl)-ethylenediaminetriacetate
  8. Oxirane, 2‑methyl‑, polymer with oxirane
  9. Dichlorodimethylsilane reaction products with silica
  10. 2‑Propenoic acid, 2‑methyl‑, ethyl ester, polymer with 2‑propenenitrile and 2‑propenoic acid
  11. Copolymer of sorbic acid, bisphenol A, epoxy resin, styrene, methyl methacrylate, acrylic acid, methacrylic acid and ethyl acrylate partially neutralized with dimethyl ethanol amine
  12. Amorphous hydrogenated carbon

This announcement also approves seven additives that are newly applicable to the manufacture of plastics, paper and paperboard, or painting and coating.

This announcement was effective beginning October 31, 2017.