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China’s State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) has launched product consumption tips for electric bicycles, children’s toys and baby carriages.

The tips are the following:

  1. Prevention of electric bicycle collision and fire consumption tips: Do not modify the key components such as the speed limiter and check the brake system regularly to ensure that the brake system is fast and reliable. The aging or damage of the charger and the disorderly connection of the charging line are safety hazards that may cause fires. It is necessary to prevent electric bicycles from entering buildings and houses.
  2. Prevention of children’s toys inadvertent and accidental consumer tips: When purchasing products, pay attention to the age range of the product, especially for younger children where you may need to avoid buying small-sized toys. When the small parts such as the eyes, nose, toy car wheel, battery, screw nut, etc. of the plush toy fall off, there are hidden dangers of ingestion and inhalation of foreign objects.
  3. Prevention of baby carriage related collisions and falls consumption tips: When purchasing a baby carriage product, the visual inspection should be strengthened to eliminate the presence of voids on the car body that may cause cuts or scratches on the edges, corners, and children’s fingers.

This was published on November 22nd, 2018.

Source URL: Tips on the consumption of electric bicycles, children’s toys, etc.