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On March 5th, 2018 the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Colombia issued the Resolution No. 686 of 2018, concerning toys and accessories that are manufactured, imported and marketed in the country.

The resolution amends various requirements outlined below, and must be met for toys and their accessories intended for children under 14 years old.

  • Article 1: General Provisions
  • Article 2: Field of application, toy classifications under Table 1; Tariff Subheadings
  • Article 3: Products excluded from the Resolution/articles not considered as toys
  • Article 4: Toys for trials or advertising purposes
  • Article 5: Definitions (Examples include: toy accessory, component, importer, packaging, scale model, functional toy)
  • Article 6: Requirements
    • 1 Mechanical and physical properties
    • 2 Phthalate Content (BBP, DBP, DOP or DEHP, DNOP, DINP and DIDP) not to exceed 0,1% by weight under a standardized test method
    • 3 Flammability
    • 4 Heavy metal migration; Limits of Migration in Toys for Category I (dried, brittle, powder-like), II (liquid or sticky) and III (scraped) toy materials
    • 5 Electrical properties
    • 6. Conditions and minimum information of labeling (use of Spanish language, minimum information are listed in entries 6.6.1 – 6.6.10)
  • Article 7: Schemes of the Product Conformity Certificate (one of the schemes contained in NTC-ISO/IEC 17067 shall be used to issue certificate, schemes 1b, 4 and 5 are explicitly mentioned)
  • Article 8: Conformity assessment, aligns with EU requirements and also allows the following equivalencies: 
    • Mechanical and physical properties: EN 71–1, ASTM F963 or ISO 8124–1
    • Flammability: EN 71–2, ASTM F963, or ISO 8124–2
    • Migration limits:EN 71–3
  • Article 9: Documents to demonstrate conformity: a conformity certificate  issued by a certification body accredited by ONAC or by a foreign accredited (under specific conditions) body
  • Article 10: identification of the authority in charge of supervisions and control (Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio — SIC)
  • Article 11: identification of the entities in charge of health inspection, supervision and control (Entitades Territoriales de Salud)
  • Article 12: Notification of the resolution according to Colombia’s trade agreement
  • Article 13: the Regulation shall be effective twelve months after the date of its publication (March 5th, 2019) 

Note: In any case during the transition, the toys and accessories that are manufactured, imported and marketed in the country will continue to satisfy the requirements of Resolutions 3388 of 2008 and 3117 of 2015.