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Costa Rica’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food Supply has issued Notification No. SENASA-DG-R0047-2018 on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures for Products and By-Products of Animal Origin to establish labeling requirements for food products.

This notification establishes the requirements that products and by-products of animal origin must comply with, upon entering the Costa Rican market. Products and by-products of animal origin for personal consumption of passengers and tourists must meet the following requirements to enter the country:

  • They must come in the original packaging of the processor, sealed hermetically and labeled to allow the identification and description of the product.
  • The label must be printed in at least one of the official languages ​​of the WTO (Spanish, English and / or French) and must indicate the registration number of the establishment assigned by the competent authority of the country of origin.
  • The maximum amount of products authorized for personal consumption is 5 kilograms; in case of honey, the maximum amount is 1 liter.
  • Products that require refrigeration must come in an appropriate medium that allows its preservation.

This notification will be enforced on October 24, 2018.



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