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UNITED STATES – The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has approved a new safety standard for children’s folding chairs and stools.


A “children’s folding chair or stool” is a seating furniture with a seat height of 15 inches or less with a rigid frame that is intended to be used as a support for the body, limbs, or feet of a child when sitting or resting in an upright or reclining position, can be folded for transport or storage, and may include a rocking base. The product is intended to be used by a single child who can get out of the chair unassisted.

Regulation Number

16 CFR Parts 1112, 1130, and 1232

Effective Date

This rule will become effective six (6) months after date of publication in the federal register.

Products manufactured on or after the effective date must meet the new standard.

Standard Referenced

ASTM F2613-17a, Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Children’s Chairs and Stools

Hazards Addressed

  • Crushing, laceration, or pinching hazards that might occur in folding latching or locking mechanisms and hinge
  • Tip overs, falling out of the chair, loose parts, staples or, other protruding objects with the potential for lacerations requiring sutures
  • Most serious injury, including pinching/scissoring, finger amputations, degloving or compound fracture
  • Product failures

Why It Matters

The CPSC received a total of 98 incidents, including 45 non-fatal injuries, related to children’s folding chairs or stools that were reported to have occurred.

This rule will make it illegal to sell products in the U.S. that do not meet the regulation.

How UL Can Help

For more details on how UL can help you bring regulatory compliant, safe, and quality products to market contact QAInfo@​ul.​com.   A UL representative will follow up with you soon.

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