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The Ministry of the Environment and Food of Denmark has issued Executive Orders for vitamins and minerals added to foodstuffs.

The Orders are:

  • Order No. 548, Vitamins and minerals added to food, Enforcement Date: July 1, 2018
    • This Order provides the conditions on the addition of vitamins and minerals in foodstuffs:
      • The conditions provided in Annex I, for instance on the maximum content of added vitamins and minerals, should be strictly followed.
      • Information such as notifier’s name, product name, ingredient list and nutrition declaration should be provided to the competent authority in the event of marketing foodstuff fortifies with the vitamins and minerals indicated in Annex I. Exemptions are listed under Section 4.
      • The information listed in Annex II consists of the necessary details required in the notification to be submitted to the competent authority.
      • Individual permissions and its applications are provided in sections 5 and 6.
      • The conditions on prohibition is provided in section 7.


  • Order No. 549, Additives for food, including dietary supplements and the substances listed in Section 1, Enforcement Date: July 1, 2018
    • This Order gives provision for the addition of certain substances in foodstuffs:
      • The conditions provided in Annex 1 for maximum content of certain products added must be met.
      • The identification and purity specification and analytical methods for certain amino acids stated in Appendix 2 must be met.
      • The information for use as well as the application approval must be contained in the information as listed in Appendix 3.