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Denmark’s Ministry of Economic Affairs has released Order No. 547 E‑Marking of Prepackaged Goods on May 28, 2018.

This Order sets the following requirements on the use of e‑marking for prepackaged goods:

  • The e‑mark may only be used if the prepackages satisfy the requirements set in Annex I, items 1–3, contained regulations as well as measurement technique control as provided in Annex I, items 4–5 and Annex II.
  • The e‑mark should have the design provided in Annex III.
  • The prohibition or refusal of prepackages for reasons that they are filled in and e‑labelled in another EEA country is not allowed in Denmark.
  • The use of packages, signs and other marks that may be confused with the e‑mark is prohibited.
  • Chapter II contains the obligations expected from filling companies and importers.

This Order was enforced beginning July 1, 2018.