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Denmark’s Ministry of the Environment and Food has released Executive Order No. 1289 on the Restrictions on Import and Sale and Manufacturing for Exports in the EU of Electrical and Electronic Equipment Containing Certain Hazardous Substances (ROHS Order).

This Executive Order provides the requirements governing the import, sales, and manufacturing of electrical and electronic equipment within the European Union.

  • The import and sale of electrical and electronic equipment, cables and spare parts containing one or more substances listed in Annex 2 at higher than the corresponding concentration limits is prohibited.
  • The substances provided in Annexes 3 and 4 may only be used according to the extent and period of validity indicated in the annexes.
  • The restrictions applicable to DEHP, BBP, DBP and DIBP, as set out in Annex 2 is also applicable to electrical and electronic equipment, cables and spare parts from the times and with the exceptions set out in Annex 2.
  • The obligations of producers, importers, and dealers are provided in Chapter 3. These includes compliance with general requirements in Section 3, conformity assessment, EU declaration of conformity, CE mark, and other mandatory labeling requirements.

This will be enforced on January 1, 2019.