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The European Commission (EC) has initiated to update the list of regulated allergenic fragrances in toys by amending Annex II to the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC.

The proposal are as follows:

  • Toy safety – labeling allergenic fragrances 
    • Addition of 61 allergenic fragrances to third paragraph of point 11 of Part III of Annex II 
      • This requires a general obligation to list on the toy, on an affixed label, on the packaging or in an accompanying leaflet, if these 61 allergenic fragrances are added to a toy.
  • Toy safety – prohibited allergenic fragrances 
    • Addition of three allergenic fragrances to first paragraph of point 11 of Part III of Annex II 
      • Atranol (CAS: 526–37‑4)
      • Chloroatranol (CAS: 57074–21‑2)
      • Methyl heptine carbonate (CAS: 111–12‑6)

The two initiatives are open for feedback until April 3rd, 2020.

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