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The European Commission (EC) has proposed detailed rules on unmanned aircrafts also named as “drones” to enable the development of drones and drone services in a safe, secure and sustainable manner.

The proposed rules extend the scope of the European Aviation Safety rules to all drones regardless of weight. This proposal provides operational requirements and procedures for certain types of drone operations, based on the opinion that the Agency is expected to transmit in early 2018. This opinion will be supported by an impact assessment and stakeholder consultations.

The proposed rules classify drones into the following:

  • For the Open category which is considered as presenting low risk, it would not require an authorization by the authority prior to the operation, nor a declaration by the drone operator.
  • For the Specific category, the risk is considered as medium. It covers BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) operations and will require an operational risk assessment as well as an examination of mitigation measures by the authority before releasing an authorization prior to the operation.
  • For the Certified category of drones, which present a higher risk, they do require the certification of the drone, a license for the remote pilot and an operational approval for the drone operator to be released by the competent authority.

Feedback period was closed on November 5, 2018.