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On December 18, the European Commission (EC) has proposed to establish specific limit values for the CMR substance formaldehyde (CAS: 50–00-0) in various categories of toy materials under Toy Safety Directive (2009/48/EC).

The proposed limits are:

  • 1,5 mg/l (migration limit) in polymeric toy material
  • 0,1 ml/m3 (emission limit) in resin-bonded wood toy material
  • 30 mg/kg (content limit) in textile toy material
  • 30 mg/kg (content limit) in leather toy material
  • 30 mg/kg (content limit) in paper toy material
  • 10 mg/kg (content limit) in water-based toy material

The proposed date of adoption is the second quarter of 2019, with a proposed date of the last quarter of 2020 for entry into force.

Public consultation is open for this proposal until February 16, 2019.



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