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The Ecuadorian Service for Standardization (INEN) has published Modification 1 of the RTE INEN 089 Technical Regulation for published for the Safety of Toys on August 6, 2018.

The modification includes the establishment of the procedures in conducting conformity evaluation of toys, as identified in Article 1, Section 9.

RTE INEN 089 specifies the following:

  • Mechanical and physical properties of toys must comply with the established standard, ISO 8124–1 or EN 71–1, or equivalent adoptions thereof.
  • Flammability requirements for certain toys and prohibited flammable materials for toys must comply with the provisions of ISO 8124–2 or EN 71–2, or equivalent adoptions thereof.
  • Chemical properties of toys which includes migration of certain elements, games of chemical experiments and related activities, and chemical games, must comply with the standards or equivalent adoptions thereof ISO 8124–3, EN 71–3, EN 71–4, and EN 71–5, respectively.
  • Packaging and labeling requirements are set forth in Article 1, Section 5 of this Technical Regulation.
  • Article 1, Section 7 of this Technical Regulation provides the test for conformity evaluation of toys.