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The standard EN 14988 specifies safety requirements and test methods for free standing children’s high chairs that elevate children to dining table height usually for the purposes of feeding or eating. Children’s high chairs are for children up to 3 years of age who are capable of sitting unaided. This standard applies to children’s high chairs for domestic and non-domestic use.

The standard EN 14988:2017 has been published in July and we report following the main updates of the new standard:

The two parts of the last version of EN 14988 have been merged in a single document.

  • The table containing the migration elements has been updated.
  • The flammability requirement has been added (annex for the French market has been added).
  • Addition of requirements for the adjustment in height of the high chairs.
  • Revision of the requirements regarding the compression of the fingers (especially in proximity of the tray).
  • Addition of the requirements regarding cords and loops.
  • Addition of tests to verify the resistance of the seams (accessibility of the filling material).
  • Addition of the dynamic test to verify the resistance of the seat.
  • New requirements to develop high chair with more than two castors/wheels;
  • Improvement of restraint system requirements to require a passive crotch restraint for products with a horizontal component in front of the baby. This requirement is applicable both if it is present an active restraint system and if it is present a passive restraint system.
  • Revision of the paragraphs of the marking, instruction and purchase information.
  • Official translation of the consumer information in the various languages of the European Union.