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It is not yet law, but the principles are now clear: Posted workers sent from their home country to another in the European Union should, in future, receive higher wages and have the same rights as local workers. “This is very good news,” said Marianne Thyssen, the European Commissioner for Social Affairs and Labor Mobility. “We don’t want wage dumping.”

The commissioner knows the details well: earlier this week, she negotiated through the night with colleagues from the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers, representing the 28 Member States, in order to reach an agreement. The negotiations on the reform of the Posted Workers Directive, which regulates the working conditions of workers in their host country, have been ongoing since March 2016. “We have agreed on the basic principle that the same wages should be paid at the same place for the same work,” Zornitsa Roussinova, the Bulgarian minister for employment, who was representing the member states in Brussels, told DW.