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The European’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) has invited comments for a preliminary opinion on phenylene bis-diphenyltriazine (S86), and an addendum to the final scientific Opinion on zinc pyrithione on February 21, 2018.

SCCS considers the following:

  • Phenylene Bis-Diphenyltriazine (S86) is safe for use as a UV-filter in sunscreen products at a concentration up to 5%. Furthermore, the substance may contain the impurities NMP and hydrazine, which are classified as CMR 1B and identified in the EU as SVHC. Therefore, the level of NMP and hydrazine should be kept at trace levels.
  • Zinc Yyrithione is considered safe when used at a concentration up to 2.0% as an anti-dandruff agent in rinse off hair care products. However, SCCS recommends risk assessment taking into consideration all possible sources of exposure in line with Art 15 of Cosmetics Regulation (EU 12232009).

SCCS will be accepting public comments for the two opinions until April 30, 2018.