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On February 10, 2020 the French National Assembly and the Senate together with the President of the Republic, signed the bill Relating to the Fight Against Waste and the Circular Economy. This bill turned law is aimed at limiting waste and further improving the state of the environment by setting various measures by which both the French people and the product producers can contribute to. Here are some of the law’s major orientations:

  • Banning the disposal of unsold food and non-food products, including textiles, electronic products and even daily hygiene products. Unsold items must now be given away or recycled.
  • Reinforcing the “polluter pays principle” by allowing toys, wipes, cigarettes, sports and hobby, DIY and gardening items to be added to this list whereby the manufacturer or distributor is financing their end of life
  • Requiring sellers to display a repairability index on certain products (such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners or mowers)
  • Managing construction waste more efficiently

These requirements are incorporated as amendments to various code, most importantly to the Consumer Code, Environment Code, and Public Health Code. The appropriate enforcement is stated in each of these codes accordingly. The earliest enforcement date begins January 1, 2021.


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