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This latest version of BfR Recommendations on Food Contact Materials provides the following changes:

  • Recommendation XXXVI on Paper and Board for Food Contact: including new migration limits for slimicides and aluminum as well as the addition of permitted slimicides, preservatives, and refining and coating agents.
  • Recommendations XXXVI/1 on Cooking Paper, Hot Filter Papers, and Filter Layers and XXXVI/2 on Paper and Paperboard for Baking Purposes: including new restrictions on migration of aluminum into food and expanding permitted substances categorized as antimicrobial agents and preservatives, among others.
  • Recommendation VII including updates to catalyst residues for polypropylene and — Recommendation III to catalyst residues in polyethylene.
  • Recommendation XIV on polymer dispersions: expanding the list of monomers that can be used

Publication Date:
16 April 2020