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Location Hong Kong
Date Monday, January 8, 2018 – Thursday, January 11, 2018





During 8–11 January 2018, UL exhibited at the “HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair”, Asia’s flagship toy’s fair with over 2,000 exhibitors.

Through the tradeshow, UL has the chance to give important and useful tips to manufacturers, retailers and consumer, allowing them to know more about toy safety.

Connected toys have raised security and privacy concerns that children may be at risk due to personal information being disclosed unintentionally. Connected toys are part of a broader Internet of Things (IoT) trend, where due to connectivity and vulnerabilities almost inherent in software, there is increased risk exposure to hacking attacks.

During the Toy show, UL held a seminar on the topic of “How to protect your children and families from Connected Toys”. The seminar was held in the product launch area, where attracted a lot of attendees. The attendees had a good interactive with UL experts for how to select and manufacture connected toys.

With a wide experience in the field of toy safety, one of our missions is to protect children.

2018 HKTDC Product Demo and Launch Pad

2018 HKTDC UL Booth


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