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Health Canada has announced their next steps on the proposed regulation for self-care products. Health Canada had conducted a public consultation on this proposal from September to October 2016. The result of the consultation showed that 3500 respondents believed that self-care product regulation is an important topic.

The consultation also showed that Canadians seek more information regarding the proposal. With this, Health Canada is taking the following steps to address this:

  • Phase I – Fall 2018: Introduce, for consultation, targeted amendments to the Natural Health Products Regulations to improve labelling of natural health products.
  • Phase II – Early 2019: Introduce, for consultation, targeted amendments to the Food and Drug Regulations to introduce a risk-based approach to regulatory oversight for non-prescription drugs.
  • Phase III – 2020: Introduce, for consultation, regulatory amendments to address health claims, risk-based regulatory oversight and recall or label change for all self-care products.

Self-care products cover the following products:

  • cosmetics
  • natural health products
  • non-prescription drugs