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Health Canada has proposed to amend the Tents Regulations, which also includes consequential amendments to the Toys Regulations.

The proposal intends to update the flammability and labeling requirements set out in the Tents Regulations. The update includes replacing the existing flammability and labelling requirements set out in the Tents Regulations with requirements set out in a new National Standard of Canada entitled CAN/CGSB-182.1, Flammability and Labelling Requirements for Tents.

The Tent Regulations issued under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) were originally put in place in 1988 to help protect Canadians from injuries and deaths caused by tent fires.

During that time, tents were typically made of paraffin-coated cotton canvas, and some could burn to the ground in less than one minute. However, most tents available today are made of synthetic lighter-weight materials with different burning properties compared to traditional cotton canvas.

The proposal will also amend requirements for certain play tents to the Toys Regulations.

Consultation for the proposal is open for 60 days, from January 22, 2019, to March 23, 2019.