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All children love to play with toys. And toys actually play a significant part in a child’s development.

Through playing children learn to coordinate themselves, to understand ways of working of their body, and they can form their own identity and also understand their limits: hitting something too hard can make their hands hurt, the higher they fall the worse is the pain, and so on. Avoiding the child facing these limits would mean preventing them to grow.

However, while toys are meant to be fun and develop learning, not all toys are safe.


Here is a short list of toy characteristics to consider before buying:

1 — Always read the label instructions – they are there to inform consumers and help ensure the proper age requirements and use of the toy.

  • Make sure the child understands the safe and proper use of the toy before they play with it.
  • Many small toys can be choking hazards. If a child is under the recommended age of the toy’s label instructions, they should not be allowed to play with the toy.

2 — Be sure to discard any used bags, balloons or toy packaging, as these can be easy choking hazards for younger children.

3 — Avoid toys that seem too loud. It will preserve your sanity and help protect children’s more sensitive ears.

4 — Do not give children toys that contain jagged points, sharp edges or any angles that could puncture skin.

5 — Pay attention to long strings or chords that could dangle and cause strangulation.

6 — Electric toys can overheat. Be sure the child is aware and cautious when using any toys that plug into a socket.

7 — Provide the child with proper eye and body protection when using any projectile toys, like foam-dart shooting guns.


  • Teach your children to clean up their toys when they’re done playing. Many accidents are caused by falls on toys left on the floor.
  • Children should understand that proper care of a toy is part of playing safely.
  • Separate toys based on the recommended age.
  • Never let anything with strings, laces or chords hang into a crib.
  • Immediately discard any broken toys.